MFGO is pleased to announce the phase 5 of its scholarship program

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Ottawa, Nov 1st, 2017

Dear MFGO Participants and Patrons:

The MFGO is pleased to announce the phase 5 of its scholarship program for deserving poor and meritorious students in Bangladesh planning to study at the higher secondary certificate (HSC) level. Special consideration will be given to Orphan Students.

The dropout rate (students quitting or leaving studies) in Bangladesh is at one of its highest levels immediately after the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination. The causes of this high quit rate can be generally linked to the lack of financial ability to continue studies or the pressing need for student to join the workforce and earn income to meet family requirements. These conditions prevent many talented students access to higher studies and deprive the country of their potential contributions.

The MFGO will contribute to filling this critical gap through the provision of scholarships. The criteria for selection of these students pay particular attention to the applicant’s performance at the SSC examination and the financial status of his or her family. It requires that the student has an admission into a reputable college and substantiation from independent sources of the information provided in the application.

The scholarships will be funded by contributions from the MFGO Coordinating Committee members and the community at large.

We are asking for your help in identifying deserving students. The selection criteria and the application/nomination form are attached. If you know of a deserving student (in Bangladesh) who has recently passed his or her SSC examination and is planning/enrolled to go to college, please fill in the nomination form and provide it to one of the MFGO Coordinating Committee members by December 2nd, 2017. The final selection of all the scholarships will be made by the MFGO Coordinating Committee.

We are looking forward to your participation on making this Program a success.

The MFGO Coordinating Committee

Form –
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