Islamic Parenting in this Digital age



January 28, 2020

Dear sisters, brothers, and children in Islam:

The MFGO coordination committee with utmost religious spirit and enthusiasm is pleased to invite you and the family to the upcoming gathering scheduled to be held in sha Allah on February 09, 2020 (Sunday) starting at 1 PM at the Chapman Mills Community Building, 424 Chapman Mills Drive, Ottawa (Barrhaven), ON, K2J 0M7,
There will be (as usual) a pot-luck lunch preceding the main event. Please bring any food item of your choice.

At this month’s program we have invited a youth speaker Sr. Lisana Shahrin and she will talk on a very fundamental topic important for our daily life; the title of her talk is “Islamic Parenting in this Digital age”.  We hope both children, parents and parents to-be will be higly benefited. .

In addition to the above guest speaker’s talk, there will also be a short presentation by Br. Tarek Ali and the MFGO children to commemorate our glorious language movement “Omor Ekushe (21st February)”; now (under the auspices of UNESCO) observed as “International Mother Language Day”  worldwide. In this regard we would encourage everyone to wear matching clothing (apparel) to fit this national day of Bangladesh which is a combination of Black and White dresses.

Event Information:
Date: February 09, 2020 (Sunday)
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Zuhr Salah: 1:15 PM
Lunch: 1:30 PM
Program starts: 2:10 PM;
Special presentation on International Mother Language Day: 2:20 PM
Feature talk on “Islamic Parenting in this Digital age” by Sr. Lisana Shahrin : 2:45 PM
Questions and Answers session: 3:30 PM
Asr Salah: 3:45 PM
Closure: 4:00 PM

The program will be divided into two parts, first a short presentation on Omor Ekushe followed by the feature talk by the guest speaker and a Q & A session.

Please mark your calendar and attend with your family and friends to this important program.
As always, your attendance is highly appreciated.

May Allah bless us all.

MFGO Coordination Committee