Invitation to the 19th MFGO Annual Picnic – Saturday July 21, 2018

Invitation to the 19th MFGO Annual Picnic – Saturday July 21, 2018

In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful


June 29, 2018

Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Children:

As-Salamu-Aliykum-wa-Rahmatullahe-wa-Barakatihu. The MFGO Coordination Committee is highly enthusiastic and pumped up with the arrival of a reasonably warm summer and is glad to cordially invite you and your family to the 19th MFGO ANNUAL PICNIC scheduled to be held In sha Allah (rain or shine) on Saturday, July 21, 2018 at the Andy Shields Park in Greely; the street address is 1455 Old Prescott Rd, Greely, ON K4P 1M7. Please note that this is the same venue as last year which is only about 20 to 30 minute drive from Barrhaven/Orleans/Kanata and offers ample free parking space and a stunning natural beauty. The biggest advantage of the place is that it has a covered private picnic area with washroom facilities and the soccer field including children’s park are on site.
Please note that there will be no regular monthly Halaqa program for the month of July since picnic replaces regular 3rd Saturday monthly indoor Halaqa program.

In order to encourage a larger attendance, the fee for this year has been reasonably fixed at $14.00 per person (all age group inclusive except children under 2 years are free;). At the request of our guests and participants we will continue with the “Deshi Menu” this year as well and that will include Polao with peas, 1 whole chicken leg (deshi style roast), 1 Beef Shami Kabob, Garden Salad with exotic sauce, and 1 can of soft drink; The free Pre-lunch snack with Tea will be provided by the courtesy of MFGO until quantity lasts or up to 12 PM; and dessert after lunch. Drinks, water and tea are available free throughout the day, in sha Allah,

Sporting activites for children, youth and ladies are planned including a MFGO traditional annual soccer tournament. If you would like to participate in the soccer tournament, please contact anyone of the following: B. Zaman @ 613-884-4054, Sahin Mirza @613-612-5574; Babu @613-325-7297; Gias Sohel @613-252-9584.
Tickets can be purchased at the picnic site on the day of the event. However, in order to better organize we would require a confirmation as to how many people from your family will be attending. Please note that the confirmation should be made by July 16, 2018 and cannot be cancelled after July 19, 2017 (as this is the deadline from the caterer).

Tickets are in limited quantity and the sale/booking is going fast; in order to avoid disappointment please order/book/buy yours now!!!
As part of our quality assurance commitment, we have contracted a highly reputed caterer who will provide us the picnic lunch package (main dish) as noted above delivered hot and freshly packed at the site.

Details are given on the attached brochure.

You may confirm your attendance by return e-mail or to any of the following members of the MFGO coordination committee. For your convenience the contact details of the members are given below in alphabetical order:

Amin & Kochi @ 613-692-1888, B.Zaman & Puspita @ 613-843-1958, Faruk & Nipa @ 613-823-4582, Ibrahim & Urmy@ 613-266-5104, Ismail & Beautie @ 613-825-6208, Mahbub & Nasim @ 613-843-0694, Manjur & Tulin @ 613-456-6066, Sajjad & Shirin @ 613-823-4663, Tarek/Bona @ 613-794-4476 and Zamil & Shirin @ 613-837-3446.
Please mark your calendar, and make a plan to participate this fun-filled event with your family and friends. Your participation would make a joyous fun day for all of us and we very much look forward to seeing you there. Your presence and active participation will be greatly appreciated.

May Allah bless us all.


The MFGO Coordination Committee.
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